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Sadly there are attitudes that are common within and outside the body of Christ's body. There is a saying that says: "firewood from fallen tree," and that is what we do too often.

That none of us is perfect is a reality we should accept. Unreasonable errors and will be part of the road, but when those who fell in that turn in repentance Unfortunately, what is our response?

When someone dies on the battlefield is not just this that is affected but also the future because that could have affected that is now cut. How many solutions to the problems of today and how quality of life projects never see the light because their conduct left early!

So many things the Church has not reached yet because instead of restoring the fallen penitent, not only spiritually but left to die with his criticism over the sink in his grave!

The Bible says about the ministry of Paul: Acts 19:26 RV60 but see and hear that Paul, not only in Ephesus but in almost all of Asia, has set aside a lot of people with persuasion, saying they are not gods which are made with your hands.

While these are the words of one angry trader, they give evidence of the scope of the ministry of Paul. He said: "throughout Asia and not only there ...", Paul cause impact to the message they came to know that many other places, and that transcends the time and that his life and teachings are still impacting today.

However, this can be said about the end of his ministry but in the beginning things were not so successful: Acts 9:26 TLA Saul went to the city of Jerusalem, where they tried to join the followers of Jesus. But they were afraid of Saul because they were not sure he really believed in Jesus.

His past as a persecutor of the church condemned it, people did not believe in him and if this condition persists nothing that had happened previously read about the proclamation of the gospel. But not everyone had this attitude of distrust, there was a different man, a man who is not condemned because of its past mistakes, a man who believed in his repentance, a man named Barnabas.

The Bible says: Acts 9:27 Barnabas TLA it helped him and took him to the apostles. There Barnabas told them how Saul had been found with the Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus, and how she had spoken. He also told them that there, in Damascus, Saul had fearlessly announced the good news about Jesus.

It was true that was but it was also pursuing his true repentance and conversion. Barnabas believed in him and that's what abriió the door for what came after: Acts 9:28 Saul TLA Since then walked with the other followers of Jesus in the entire city of Jerusalem, and talked about without fear of the Lord Jesus.

Two concepts can learn from Barnabas: believe in people, expecting the best of them, and "unleashed" from his past mistakes.

An enthusiastic young company launched in support of two great men of faith in his first mission, but on the way back and change your mood to your home: Acts 13:4-5 TLA The Holy Spirit sent Barnabas and Saul to announce God's message. First went to the region of Seleucia, and there took a boat which took them to the island of Cyprus. (5) With regard to the port of Salamis, they began to proclaim the message of God in the synagogues of the Jews. John Mark was with them as assistant ....( 13) At Paphos, Paul and his companions boarded a boat and went to the city of Perge, which was in the region of Pamphylia. There, John Mark left the group and returned to the city of Jerusalem.

The Bible says that some time later again planning a second journey: Acts 15:36-39 TLA Later, Paul told Barnabas: "Let's go back to all towns and cities where we have announced the good news, to see how they are followers of Jesus. "(37) John Mark, Barnabas wanted to accompany them, (38) but Paul did not agree. And is that some time ago, John Mark had left the Pamphylia region, because it wanted to continue working with them. (39) Paul and Barnabas could not agree, so we ended up separated. Barnabas and Mark took a boat and went to the island of Cyprus.

Marcos had been wrong before and Paul did not expect it to be different now, not only did not expect anything good from him, but it remained tied to the mistakes that had previously committed. Instead, the attitude was totally different Barnabas, believed that Mark could hacrlo not maintained well and oppressed under the weight of past mistakes.

Who was right here? At the end of his days one of these great men of faith said: 2Ti 4:11 TLA The only thing with me is Lucas. Mark can help a lot in my work, so look and bring it with you when you come.
Paul recognizes that the end was wrong but because I believe that there was in it, Marcos was able to become someone useful for extending the Kingdom of God.

A few years ago we received a couple who were badly beaten by their own mistakes pasado.Estando active in service to God, to leave now because of everything that gave his fellow backs.
Received, we believed in repentance, and the test set to expect the best. Today they are the pastors of the congregation in which we were, and God has given them the spiritual fathers to be many who were lost.

People are not always saved false or hidden agendas. All mistakes, so we are sensitive to the direction of the Spirit and try to look through the eyes of God.

Shocked us with the abortion, the ending to a life without giving any chance, we put an end to the spiritual life of many ministerial and not to give them a new TLA oportunidad.Mat 7:2 if they are very hard to judge others people, God will be equally hard on you. He treats them like you treat others.


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